ARIEL POEMS (The First Series and the New Series)








The Ariel Poems were first published by Faber and Gwyer (later Faber and Faber) in 1927 and were an inspired collaboration between poets and artists. The First Series of Ariel Poems appeared between 1927 to 1931 and during this period thirty-eight of the poems were published. Originally intended as Christmas publications to promote the various poets represented by Faber, the Ariel Poems quickly became collectors items. Each of the Ariel Poems in the First Series was released in a standard edition of anywhere between 3000 to 5000 copies and in addition to these a premium limited edition series on hand-made paper, individually numbered and signed by the poet, was also released in quantities that ranged between 250 to 500 copies. There were also a limited number of Ariel Poems released in an American edition. The Ariel Poems lapsed in 1931 but were revived again in 1954, when eight new publications were published in the New Series.



                                   FIRST SERIES                                                                           NEW SERIES

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No. 23, ANIMULA, by T.S. Eliot with wood engravings

by Gertrude Hermes, First Series, 1929

No. 3, THE WINNOWING DREAM by Walter De La Mare

with lithographs by Robin Jacques, New Series, 1954