Through to the 24th March we continue with our exhibition of rare proofs from the archives of the Curwen and Kelpra Studios. Most of the prints in the collection are unique and have not been exhibited before. There are some outstanding works including five large prints by Richard Hamilton and an early work by Bridget Riley. The exhibition can be viewed online as well as at the gallery.



Kanovitz Champagne




Andre Champagne, 1972  SOLD









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This month we have new works available by Edwin La Dell and John Piper that can be viewed below. Please contact us directly to purchase any of these works.

piper melford

JOHN PIPER CH RA (1903-1992)

Long Melford Church, 1982

Original colour lithograph on paper

18 x 23 3/4 in (46 x 61 cm)

Edition of 275

Signed and numbered in pencil











piper gedney

JOHN PIPER CH RA (1903-1992)

Gedney, Lincolnshire, 1964

Original colour lithograph on paper

31 7/8 x 22 7/8 in (81 x 58 cm)

Edition of 70

Signed in pencil


£ 750  SOLD









Two fine lithographs by John Piper one of our favourite artists. The beautiful church at Long Melford, only ten minutes drive from the gallery, is expertly depicted catching the early evening light.  An early lithograph Gedney, Lincolnshire from A Retrospect of Churches is a rare find and this one from the archives of the Curwen Studio is also in excellent condition.

La Dell Clare Bridge

EDWIN LA DELL RA (1914-1970)

Clare Bridge, Cambridge, 1955

Original colour lithograph

29 1/4  x 38 3/4 in (74 x 95 cm)

Published by Lyons Lithographs (No. 4)


£ 475









La Dell cambridge

EDWIN LA DELL RA (1914-1970)

St John's College, Cambridge, 1963

Original colour lithograph

14 1/4  x 18 in (36 x 46 cm)

Edition of 75

Signed and numbered in pencil


£ 350









La Dell The High

EDWIN LA DELL RA (1914-1970)

The High, Oxford, 1959

Original colour lithograph

22 3/4  x 31 1/2 in (58 x 80 cm)

Edition of 75

Signed and numbered in pencil


£ 350  SOLD









Three beautiful lithographs by Edwin La Dell of Cambridge and Oxford scenes. La Dell's use of lithography to convey depth and richness of colour is is exceptional. He ran the Department of Lithography at the Royal College of Art from 1948 to 1970 inspiring generations of art students , but today his work is less well known.